smile by eGo - the start-up from Upper Bavaria!

Our philosophy

smile in times of Corona is not easy for everyone. With smile by eGo, we want to bring back a bit of joie de vivre, communication and humanity into all our lives. At the same time, we are committed to the protection of health and put it first in every decision we make. The issue of responsibility poses great challenges for our society. Therefore, it is not a matter of course for us to be trusted in us and our product.

We want to be part of the solution

The Corona problem affects us all. With smile by eGo, a transparent, reusable alternative to everyday textile masks, we want to contribute to the solution and make the protection of the other person practical, constructive and liveable; in short, create perspective! That is why we are always open and transparent in our presentation and communication. We enjoy dialogue, mutual understanding and comprehensibility.

Made in Germany

Throughout our entire production process we pay attention to sustainability, energy efficiency and short distances. We ship with DHL Go Green, so that the transport of the goods does not generate any additional burden on the environment.

Yes, the smileby eGo is made of plastic- to guarantee a durable product suitable for everyday use, we cannot (yet) avoid the material PET. In order to create a balance here, we donate 10 cents to the environmental organization Ashantree for every mask sold; for every tenth smile by eGo sold, a tree is planted.

Our story

Within a few months a lively, versatile and colorful company has sprung up here in the beautiful Oberland - at the beginning with many question marks and a lot of ups and downs - but at least as many exclamation marks, and above all with a lot of courage! Two things have always accompanied us: Our smile and our conviction.

In the meantime we are a strong team, and you can feel it. We grow, fight, learn, and reinvent ourselves again and again. After all, inventing also means finding together, and in our case from the most diverse corners of Germany.