smile by eGo


smile by eGo 1.2

The unique curvature of the PET shield in the chin area directs the exhaled aerosols to the body of the wearer (proven via aerodynamic flow measurements).

The smile by eGo reduces the risk of droplet infection in the mouth-nose area, such as textile masks and face shields.

The ergonomic shape ensures free oxygen supply.

- Characteristics
- Facial expression is visible
- Free breathing
- No heat accumulation
- Quick cleaning
- Good wearing comfort

- Background
- Community mouth-nose covers are an essential element in interrupting the chain of infection, especially with COVID-19.
- The development goal for smile by eGo was to avoid system-related disadvantages of textile masks and face shields.

- We hope that the optimized overall comfort of smile by eGo will increase public willingness to use MNBs, thereby reducing the risk of infection for the wearer and everyone else.

• Clean/disinfect mask before first use.
- The user of the Oral-Nose-Cover (MNB) must put on the MNB according to the instructions.
- Children and people in need of help must be supported in their use.

Safety & Warnings
- The MNB should be cleaned when dirty, but at least daily.
- The MNB has no filter effect and does not protect against airborne aerosols, gases or vapors.
- The MNB may not be used if protective equipment is prescribed e.g. according to DIN EN 149:2009, EN 14683:2019+AC:2019, e.g. for health care personnel or in laboratories, or if other official directives prohibit its use.
- The MNB must not be used in case of damage (cracks, material changes, etc.).
- Do not use near open fire.
- The period of use is limited to 12 months, since material changes can occur during longer use due to intensive UV radiation.
- The MNB must be kept away from children under 6 years of age.
- This MNB may not be used in activities where there is a risk of strangulation or getting stuck.

smile by ego | transparente community-maske

1. Take the mask with both hands.

smile by ego | transparente community maske

2. Apply the mask to the chin and pull the bands to the back of the head.

smile by ego | transparente mund nasen bedeckung

3. Optimize the belt length with the tension ring. Do not tighten too much
- the mask should fit loosely.

smile by ego | transparente mund-nasen-bedeckung

4. With the bands above and below the ears
the mask offers the best possible hold.


We will be happy to help you choose the right mouth-nose cover for your environment. If you have any questions, need advice or would like to receive information material, please contact us.