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Transparent mask alternative | Tophotel

An engineer from Murnau has developed a transparent mouth-and-nose cover which, among other things, should make it easier for service personnel to work in the current phase. In addition, the expression of human facial expressions becomes visible again. Hotelier Christian Bär from Alpenhof Murnau supports the project.

The engineer Ekkehard Gorski from Murnau, who has worked in the development centers of large European aircraft manufacturers, among other things, has been intensively engaged in recent weeks in the search for alternatives to the mouth and nose masks that are found in many places. His intention was to give people back their visible smile with the "Smile by Ego Mask". In addition, the new development by Ekkehard Gorski, made of transparent PET material, should offer the following advantages:

Aerosols remain on the body due to the deflection of the respiratory flow

plenty of air to breathe

Prevention of fogging of spectacle lenses

tight fit with any movement

easy handling and cleaning in long-term use

"I am not interested in profit, but in giving back something essential to society. That's why a large part of the profits go to non-profit and charitable projects, such as Greenpeace with environment and nature, but also to support for cultural concepts," says Ekkehard Gorski.

Hotelier Christian bear from the alpine yard Murnau confirms a successful employment in practice. "30 years were hammered into me "smile, smile, smile and smile again," says Bär. "What would the hotel and catering industry be without the warm hospitality we have shown and practiced for decades to offer guests the happy experience they are looking for?


  • Gisa

    Sehr angenehm. Man spürt sie kaum und schwitzt nicht drunter.

  • Manuela

    Eine sensationelle Community Maske, hinter der wir im Verkauf noch als lebendiger Mensch sichtbar sind und wesentlich hygienischer sls alle anderen “Lappen”. Danke für diese tolle Entwicklung!

  • Marion de Boer

    sind die Masken auch für den Kosmetikbereich zulässig,da unter dem Kinn offen ist?
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Boer
    La Biosthetique

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