Rhineland-Palatinate allows visors for gastronomy and trade

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Rhineland-Palatinate allows visors for gastronomy and trade

The smile by eGo is a transparent community mask that uses a PET sign instead of a fabric surface to reduce the spread of droplets. Since some people perceive the mask as a visor or faceshield due to its nature, every decision made by state governments naturally helps to take away people's fear of using it.

The SWR writes:

"The Rhineland-Palatinate state government is rowing back and is now allowing plastic visors to be worn again by vendors and in the catering industry. This was announced by the Ministry of Health.

Minister Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler (SPD) had let DGB leader Dietmar Muscheid describe her experiences. According to this, most customers adhere to the mask obligation, so that the risk of transmission from customers to staff is reduced.
Visors are used in particular if the employees cannot reasonably be expected to wear mouth and nose covers permanently due to the working conditions and the rules of distance are observed. Against the background of the described experiences from practice and as result of the common discussion it was decided to permit again the carrying of visors with salesmen and in the catering trade, so the Ministry of Health.

Bodo Plachter, virologist at the University Medical Center, supports the decision: "Mouth and nose covers protect others much more effectively than visors. However, under certain working conditions, such as when shelves are cleared in supermarkets or when service is provided in restaurants, it is not always reasonable to wear mouth and nose covers permanently," he said according to the Ministry's press release.

Clarification from Friday: Face visor only with certificate
There has been a back and forth about plastic visors in Rhineland-Palatinate for days. Only on Friday the ministry had officially clarified that face visors are not to be regarded in principle as equivalent face masks - after trade associations had demanded clarification. The state government referred to an appropriate interpretation aid for wearing a mouth and nose cover. Afterwards the face visor is permissible only for humans, who could not carry a breathing mask for health reasons. There was no exception for the economy.

When asked on Friday, a spokeswoman of the Ministry of Health explained that only doctors could judge which medical reasons speak against wearing a mouth-nose-cover. Anyone who could present a medical certificate was allowed to wear a visor instead of a mask.

Rhineland-Palatinate comparatively liberal on plastic sights
Previously, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate had been comparatively open to the use of plastic sights. The Ministry of Health had permitted them for everyone until May 20, although the Robert Koch Institute had already classified the visors as not equivalent to face masks at that time.

The country was also one of the few states that had accepted visors as an alternative early in the Corona crisis. As a result, numerous companies invested - and purchased visors for their employees. The criticism was correspondingly harsh when the state withdrew this permit. The state government's recent withdrawal should therefore make sales and catering easier. For private individuals, however, it remains the same: plastic visors only with a medical certificate".

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