The smile is what counts |

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The smile is what counts |

It's the smile that counts: Hotel Director relies on transparent plastic masks

A friendly smile is essential in the hotel and restaurant business. But in Corona times it disappears behind the prescribed breathing mask. Murnau's Alpenhof boss Christian Baer is therefore driving a project forward that focuses on transparent plastic coverings.

Murnau, Germany - A friendly face at the hotel reception, a nice smile of the waitress in the café. The guests had to do without all that in the past weeks, especially since all mimic movements disappeared behind masks since the legally prescribed restrictions in the course of the Corona pandemic. But now the chairman of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district hotel and restaurant association, Christian Bär, and Dominik Junold, managing partner of the management consultancy Credo Vision, want to remedy the situation with a new development.

"A catering trade without a smile does not function", Bär, the hotel manager of the Murnauer Alpenhof, is sure after more than 30 years of professional experience. "Even the retail trade cannot sell and communicate without a smile". His prognosis: "On hot summer days, many a person will tear off their fabric mask because they can no longer stand it underneath - and then it becomes dangerous.

The engineer Ekkehard Gorski (71), who lives in the market community and can look back on a career with a major European aircraft manufacturer and a well-known German car brand, did not want to accept the situation and developed a mouth-nose cover weighing only ten grams in his test workshop made of a transparent PET material that guides aerosols down towards his own body by deflecting the flow of air. "Mr. Gorski approached me to see if I could help him with the distribution," reports Bär, who was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. "Spectacle lenses no longer fog up, you get good air again, and the mask is reusable and easy to clean," he says. The most important thing: "The expression of human facial expression and also the smile become visible again. Simply ideal for the catering trade".

The new product is distributed under the motto "A smile for Murnau" in a ten-pack for 95 euros by the company Smile by Ego as well as at the reception of the Alpenhof. Individual copies can be purchased there for ten euros each. So far 4000 pieces have been produced - and 2000 of them have been sold. A total of 10,000 are planned and are to be sent all over the world.

A week ago, Bär visited Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU) to present the project to her and to obtain official legitimization of the masks for other industries such as retail. "We don't have any news yet, but we're hoping for the green light," says the hotelier, who is a partner in Junold's management consultancy. "Our aim is not to make a profit, but rather to provide the humanity, communication and security to breathe much more comfortably in business and private life.

"Because the masks are made of PET plastic, we support the Murnau project 'Ashantree', which was initiated by Mayor Rolf Beuting, and want to plant 1000 trees in Ghana with a large part of the profits", says Junold, who has been working at the Alpenhof for nine years, most recently for six years as deputy director. "The reusability of the masks should noticeably reduce environmental pollution compared to disposable masks". He hopes that by using the new mouth and nose protection, cultural events can soon take place again: "And the sports stadiums would no longer have to remain empty.

In the meantime almost all Alpenhof employees are equipped with it. Jakob Stalinski, for example, who works at the reception desk, praises its comfort. "And you can now see our facial expressions, which goes down very well with our guests." In addition, it is easy to clean: "We use our disinfecting wipes for this.

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